Solves today’s need for an integrated and complete manufacturing management tool for build to order and boutique manufacturing environments. Our software platform is designed for easy setup with complete integration of existing Parts & Vendors™ database files.

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SoniqMES can be configured for your business to provide control & traceability as you and your employees perform the daily business tasks. All data is used to build Bills of Materials, generate Purchase Orders, Receive and Stock inventory as well as issuing Work Orders and Kitting materials for production.

SoniqMES is extremely flexible and will fit into your company as a primary or secondary project management tool. Larger companies will benefit by using this software to manage special projects / divisions with the resultant database information being sharable with the main ERP system.


  • Backward functional compatibility with Parts&Vendors
  • Easy and selectable data import from Parts&Vendors
  • Based on reliable open source database – no database licensing cost
  • Multi / concurrent user(s)
  • Multicurrency documents
  • Multilanguage interface
  • BOM and Routings management
  • Versions and variants management
  • One click cost calculation
  • Cost simulation for selectable multilevel BOM
  • Break even cost simulation
  • Multi-vendor and multi-level pricing
  • Work Order for easy production management with many products on one Work Order
  • Shop Order for easy delivery management with many products’ delivery on one form
  • Easy printouts
  • Cloud and on-premise version available

Coming soon

  • iPad / iPhone support for manufacturing use (materials and products reporting)
  • Location tracking
  • Tracking product versions/variants (children)
  • Tracking product serial numbers (children)
  • Security by user / department / group
  • Configurable dashboards
  • Master production schedule
  • MRP reports
  • Link to Quickbooks

If you are doing R&D or small “manufacturing to order” business than most probably we have something you would be happy to use to make your daily tasks easier and have them easier “under control”. Our piece of continuously developed software supports dynamically changing prototyping process, small bunch of products manufacturing as well as product revisions.

On each production stage you can automatically check shortages for built products and automatically generate PO to your main vendors or manually to any Vendor you pick. Tracing issued purchase orders’ lines is no longer a problem as well as receiving items to stock from PO lines and issuing them from stock to particular Work Order.

You get by default stock reservations feature, for particular customer order or Work Order, having stock level and shortages under control before they happen.

Receiving the order from your customer you can easily simulate brake-even cost of the product for different quantity ordered having both under control: costs and your money engagements.

All of above is available in small and frequently upgraded software that is dedicated to special tasks, those that you have on daily basis.

Traceability and service / maintainance.

You can easily maintain your products with various BOMs having many revisions and variants defined, being able to trace their lifetime by SN starting from production process up to delivery and service or maintenance. Traceability feature includes also SNs all of components’ down to the bottom of a product tree so you can check which exactly component was used in this particular product with given SN even after it was sent to customer or received to stock.