This software is dedicated to companies implementing projects, unique orders and one-time services.

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SoniqProject is a tool for process:

  • requiring monitoring of work progress or costs, on an ongoing or cyclical basis,
  • consisting of one or more implementation stages,
  • requiring early warning of expected exceedances in terms of costs or deadlines.

Example industries based on designing: architecture, construction, consulting, marketing agency, custom production, IT, automotive.

Create your project's tree

Do you think your project is so complicated, you can’t handle it? Divide it into smaller parts.

Creating a project tree using SoniqProject will make your venture no longer frighten you – you’ll see that its implementation is possible and you’ll know exactly how to do it.

Visualize project on Gantt’s diagram

See, where exactly your tasks / subprojects are on the timeline. You’ll be able to plan them optimally. During implementation everyone will know what it should do now, with no doubt.

See the benefits of reporting


Distribute tasks to your coworkers, indicating the deadline and estimated time of implementation.


Control the implementation of assigned work and the burden on individual employees.


Enable employees to write their work time on individual tasks.


Use built-in heuristic algorithms, thanks to which you will be able to receive a warning about the risk of exceeding the set deadline (based on the reports and in relation to plans).

Use the tool for cash flow analysis of both projects and their individual parts.

Using SoniqProject you could to plan and settle all costs and revenues. Thanks to this, you will be able to analyze your project’s cash flow on an ongoing basis in terms of a single project as well as in a multi-project perspective.

Configure the screen according to your needs

Use the built-in dashboard creation tool to gain a multi-faceted view of one or more projects.

Have constant insight into the basic financial results of your project

The Finance tab constantly presents the most important parameters of your project, for example:

  • Planned costs,
  • Real labor costs,
  • Planned income.

Use the once entered data in the advanced analysis

All the data entered by you and your workteam are stored in interactive tables, you can freely work about:

  • Sort
  • Filter
  • Group
  • Math
  • Pivot
  • Export to Excel